Maxx/Merill Orthopedic Implants

Welcome to Meril Orthopedic

Meril Orthopedic, a new venture of Meril in association with Maxx Ortho Inc (, is at the helm of developing and marketing innovative Orthopedic implants. Our joint replacement technologies and wide range of products make us a valuable partner to healthcare institutions in more than 40 countries.

At Meril, we have a guiding principle that the Physician-Patient-Product interaction is of utmost importance.

Based on this foundation, our implants are designed in collaboration with world-renowned surgeons, in world-class manufacturing facilities to offer cutting-edge technology with unique intellectual property, backed by decades of research. Through our association with Maxx Ortho Inc, we are now focused on providing quality healthcare through high-end orthopedic implants and trusted services to our customers across the world.

Our Flagship product, Freedom Total Knee® System was approved by the US FDA and introduced internationally in 2010.

We at Meril Orthopedic believe that all orthopedic patients, regardless of geography, should have access to implants and related solutions that will best restore their mobility to suit their lifestyle, anatomy and economic needs. To that end, we believe that orthopedic surgeons should be equipped to deliver exceptional and repeatable results for their patients.

At Meril, we aim to Restore Mobility.


Our Products are:

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