Total Knee Replacement in Bangalore

Knee replacement – partial or total – is a surgical procedure that replaces the infected or damaged surfaces of the knee joint with metal or plastic components to relieve pain and disability. Placing these specially designed metal/plastic components within the knee can allow for its continued effortless motion. For total knee replacement in Bangalore, Aditi Corporation is one of the most trusted names when it comes to providing the required knee replacement components for surgeries. We are committed to ease joint pains and restore mobility, thus improving the quality of life of patients. Since the past decade, Aditi Corporation has proved to be a leading distributor of innovative and original knee care products like knee replacements and knee spacers from reputed brands like Maxx, Merill, and Heraeus.

Meril Orthopedic

Meril Orthopedic, in association with Maxx Ortho Inc., is one of the most valuable names to partner with for healthcare products and high-end orthopedic implants. They are collaborated with world-renowned surgeons, and their products are manufactured in world-class facilities using cutting-edge technologies, backed by decades of research. Heraeus is another distinguished name that has been delivering its products around the world for more than 160 years now! Headquartered in Germany, Heraeus is a technology group focusing on innovation and operational excellence. And, Aditi Corporation has partnered with both these outstanding names in the healthcare industry, in India and abroad!

Maxx/Merill offers two significant knee implants, namely Destiknee Knee and Freedom Total Knee. Understanding that humans are different, and so are their requirements, Maxx/Merill offers Destiknee Knee in 600, 900, and 1200+ flexion variants whose asymmetrical cam design encourages anatomical rollback and internal tibial rotation. The deep anterior patellar cut-out also allows for tendon clearance during deep flexion. The Freedom Total Knee, developed using advanced design engineering technologies and extensive clinical experience, is anatomically and physiologically suited to address the needs of the patients. The product helps surgeons deliver successful and reproducible results by allowing patients to achieve optimal high-flexion motion.


Heraeus, an expertise in septic revision surgery, offers ideal and premium knee spacers for treatment of periprosthetic joint infections that brings optimal results. The Copal Knee, with a reproducible high quality spacer design, is part of the extensive Heraeus product portfolio, the manufacturer of the proven and tested Palacos bone cements. Spacers prepared with Copal Knee moulds are made of antibiotic-loaded bone cement that provide considerable support for the therapy, along with articulating bearing and high stability. Copal Knee is a significant invention that keeps the patient mobile and accelerates rehabilitation. These spacers are available in multiple mould sizes, height-adjustable tibial components, and optional stem.

With these significant products offered to improve the quality of life of patients and helping them to live a longer, healthier, and pain-free life, Aditi Corporation stands at the top position for total knee replacement in Bangalore. However, this top position is not enough for us. We continue to research and come up with products that can provide an even better and more comfortable lifestyle to our patients, with a goal of becoming the best orthopedic performer in the country one day.

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